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Nairobi women share hilarious tales of how they overcame their driving fears

February 20th, 2019 2 min read

Nairobi women have lit up social media with their stories of how they got over their fears of being first-time drivers in the busy city roads.

It all started when a netizen asked members of the closed Facebook group Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums how long it took them to drive on a highway alone without panicking.

“Hello driving mums, how long did it take you to drive alone bila uoga kwa highway?”

Generally, it is widely believed that most first-time female drivers experience panic attacks when it comes to manoeuvring a car on Nairobi roads ruled by rogue matatu drivers.

Women online were quick to share their hilarious stories.

“I tried thika highway weee! Kenya mpya en bus za githurai. Karibu nijikojolee,” wrote an online user.

“After hitting a car in a parking nilimaliza mwaka before getting behind that wheel… uoga ili isha,” commented another online user.

“Wueeh, I can’t believe I was there na saa hii madriver wa matatu wananiogopa. It all boils to one word. Confidence,” shared another online user.

“8 yrs but it still freaks me out, mostly when you on a two way traffic oncoming ni trailer na uko in car!” commented one online user.

“Sijawai endesha on a highway, but on Friday I had an important meeting in Githurai… Ata sai sijui kama ni mimi nilitoka Githurai had I Murang’a… kujiamini ndo key,” said one online user.

“Kujiamini 2 days had to leave for work very early unazoea tu thou driving on some roads like jogoo road you will sweat my friend the harassment by big pin point buses huuuuu,” remarked another online user.

“Am an expert when it comes to minor roads but highways sijui woga itaisha lini, God help me,” explained another online user.

“Kutoa gari parking ndo hunishinda otherwise kwa highway niko chonjo,” said one online user.