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Dreaded crime buster now wants Nairobi women to snitch on their thug partners

By NYABOGA KIAGE September 8th, 2018 1 min read

If you are a Nairobi woman living with a man with lots of cash, yet you don’t know where he works or how he earns a living, then it is high time you find out.

This is the advice Nairobi crime buster Hessy Wa Tabia has given to women out there, saying that there was no way one can live with a thief without knowing.

“Is it even possible kuishi au kuolewa na mwanaume mwizi na asijiue? Posed Hessy Wa Tabia.


He also asked women living with wanted criminals to snitch on them and make it easy for the police to bust crime in Nairobi.

Hessy also made a similar call to parents to report their suspicious sons and daughters.

Mumeo anashikwa na Polisi au kuuawa kwenye vitendo vya kihuni and all you can say ni haujui alikuwa mwizi (your husband is arrested by the police or killed and all you can say you were not aware he was a thief),” he wrote.