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Nairobian who rubbished city’s global award gets an earful from furious Sonko

A comment by a resident of Nairobi over the ‘poor’ state of Nairobi County has earned him a scathing response from Governor Mike Sonko.

This after John Thuo, as he calls himself on Facebook, rubbished an award that Nairobi received in the category of social and economic equity at the Milan Pact Awards 2019 in France.

In Thuo’s opinion, Nairobi is playing second fiddle to Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, not to mention Kigali in Rwanda which tops the list.

“Award? Were this people drunk? Was there anyone on ground for the same? You can’t even beat Kampala. Leave alone Kigali,” commented Thuo.

Sonko took it upon himself to answer Thuo, saying the award was rightfully given.

“They were on the ground na kama umejam amsha bibi yako avunje glass aigrind akupe ukunywe,” Sonko respond.

Sonko had earlier on bragged on social media how Nairobi beat 105 other cities in the world to emerge the winner of the award.