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Nairobians explain why their partners never post their photos on social media

In this digital age, social media has become an essential part of our daily lives.

A significant number of people spends most of their time online sharing details of their activities from academic achievements to relationship status and giving unsolicited opinions.

But what happens when you are in a relationship and your significant other rarely or never shares pictures of you on their social media pages.

This is the question that city mums and dads in a closed Facebook group have been trying to explain: why is your “bae” not flaunting you on social media?

Below are the varied responses:

“She’s a matured type! She knows media has no approval to our love life,” one online user said.

“Ati hapendi Ufisi,” another online user wrote.

“Ni wa wenyewe,” one online user stated.

“Lack of data bundles,” another online user said.

“Anaogopa ataachwa na wale wengine,” one online user commented.

“I’m not a public property,” another online user said.

“Coz am cute and he is afraid i might be stolen by one of his friends,” another online user remarked.

“Kwani ni nguo ya duka ati iwekwe display?” asked one online user.

“Huwa ameniweka moyoni si kwenye mitandao,” mentioned another online user.

“Best relationships are not posted all over social media,” said another online user.