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Nairobians react as CBD ban on matatus takes effect

Nairobians on Monday expressed varied reactions to Governor Mike Sonko’s ban on matatu from the CBD.

PSVs dropped off commuters in the gazetted termini across the city starting 4am Monday.

Traffic marshals and police were deployed on all roads leading to the city centre and barred matatus from accessing the CBD.

The termini gazetted by the county government include Muthurwa, Muranga Road Fig Tree A, Desai Road, Ngara Road, Hakati, Railways and Central Bus Station.

The connecting buses that were to transport commuters from the termini to the city centre were no where in sight.

Thuku wa Kariuki wrote; “The matatu CBD ban is noble idea that has been poorly implemented. There should be an effective transit from the outskirts into CBD. All I can see now is pain and anguish from travellers who have to walk kilometers to their jobs #MatatuCBDBan.”

Mr Baraza lamented on Twitter; “Madness at it’s best you ban matatu and don’t provide an alternative means of transportation worse of it all our roads aren’t designed to facilitate pedestrian walks and cycling paths, risking life. Consequences of electing a poor manager.”

Ambani Ambani supported the move commenting; “The move to ban matatus from CBD is the best decision ever, now the matatu stages need upgrade, pedestrian pathways need to be repaired. Moreso railways bus stop. “

Alphanos stated; “We should ban private cars…its make no logical sense to ban a matatu ferrying 46 passengers into the cbd and allow a vehicle carrying 1 or 2 passengers. If all people with cars would leave them at home and use matatus then there won’t be any traffic at all.”

Colonel Lotodo wrote; “Discipline starts by coming up with long term solutions to the Matatu issue, how long are the people going to suffer? How do you ban Access to CBDs without a layout plan giving the people plan B. Many Designated areas to be used as Matatu terminus have also been grabbed.”

Hilda Kinyi stated; “The problem isn’t the matatu ban, rather its our collective failure to engage with the actual urban transport plan. Matatus must be removed from CBD. There is no other Country that has turned its CBD into a giant bus stop. Banning matatus does not mean people have to trek.”