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How smart Nairobians are cashing in on scarcity of Huduma Namba forms

Nairobians have noticed a worrying trend which has been brought about by the last minute rush by Kenyans seeking to beat Huduma Namba registration deadline.

According to reports, the influx of hundreds of people trying to beat the deadline has resulted in a number scenarios, including the tablets being used by the clerks running out of battery and an acute shortage of the registration forms.

Streetwise Nairobians have however seized the opportunity to solve the latter problem, by offering the forms for sale to desperate Kenyans who are yet to register themselves.

According to Kenyans online, the sale of the forms is booming because most registration centres usually run out of them very early in the day.


The forms are said to be sold at varying amounts and those who are unwilling to buy them still have to download and print them out in cyber cafés at an extra cost.

When the registration centres open in the morning, the clerks arrive with several forms but they are often forced to wait for fresh supply when they run out of stock. Some are even compelled to close shop due to unavailability of a photocopying machine at their designated stations.

This comes after Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i, on Monday said that the May 18, 2019 deadline for the mass registration exercise will not be extended.

This has prompted a last minute rush at the registration centres which are now experiencing long queues.


Online Kenyans have been sharing their experiences and frustrations at the registration centres.

“HI good people. The forms for capturing details in regard to huduma namba have been depleted since last week and we have to buy. Are you aware of this?” asked @Economistmwanzi.

“Did you know they are selling the huduma forms for 20/-,” wrote @mamaoliverre.

“In my area huduma namba registration forms are being sold,” commented @the1amolo.

“Good business. How are they doing it coz I could try it here on my side,” said @PaddyOtieno.

“Nmekuta forms za kuregister zimeisha everyone has gone back home… and by 5am we were lined up… now we have to go back tomorrow in the morning,” tweeted @MaurinekingO.

“Lol @HudumaKenya Numba. Organization on a bare minimum. 2 people per 1000 working on the forms, tablets going out of battery so they need to charge, people filling forms at the table, instead of being notified to fill before getting in line,” said @mreis1989.