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Why Nairobians are unimpressed with Sonko’s beautification project

Nairobians have voiced their disapproval of Governor Mike Sonko’s beautification project which they feel will lead to loss of billions of shillings spent on a similar project by the previous administration.

On social media, city residents have also expressed shock at the new administration’s decision to uproot the famous Kidero grass to plant roses instead.

This after Governor Sonko shared videos of the beautification project along Uhuru Highway on social media.

On Tuesday morning along Mombasa road, city county employees could be seen uprooting the grass and leveling the ground.

@EMungau wrote, “I watched this yesterday while I was in a jam. We spent Millions on Kidero’s grass you should be at least cognizant of that and clean up rather than mow our millions down. Good planning and leadership is about recognizing and minimizing costs.”

@jessynjau said, “Priorities priorities boss beautification should be done after you have sorted out insecurity, traffic jam, hawkers and the list goes on seriously a waste of tax payers money.”

An employee of Nairobi City County at work along Uhuru Highway. PHOTO | COURTESY
An employee of Nairobi City County at work along Uhuru Highway. PHOTO | COURTESY

@okoth_dennis questioned, “Is this different to KIDERO’S grass? Nairobians are expecting a sustainability plan for maintenance after plantation not just “photo shops” of Kideros flower beds.”

@Mathenge1 replied, “Works on the “KIDERO GRASS” along Uhuru highway in on AGAIN. PLS, for Heavens sake, Do Not Waste tax payers money again by planting grass/flowers WITHOUT providing provisions of Water (sprinklers) & pedestrian walkways/crossways.”