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Nairobians stranded in Mombasa

Most Nairobi residents who trooped to Mombasa for Christmas and New Year are now stranded due to lack of transport.

Many of them will not be able to report back to work in time while students may have to return to school after January 6, the official opening date.

The chaos is a result of the night travel ban slapped on public service vehicles two weeks ago, one of the stringent measures taken to reduce road accidents during the peak travel season.

A spot check by Nairobi News in Mombasa revealed that most of the bus companies were fully booked until January 7.

Passengers were seen moving from one booking office to another trying to find vacancies in vain.

The bus companies have had to adjust their departure time schedules from as early as 5.30am for Dreamline Express buses to 10.30am for Modern Coast buses to comply with the new rules forced on them by the 6pm curfew.

“I am looking for a bus to Nairobi but I now have no choice. There are many of us travelling back to Nairobi and upcountry and with the new travel schedules, we may have to wait,” said Betty Karimi.