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This is what Nairobians think of cycling to work

Nairobi News sought to find out from its readers via our social media platforms if they would consider cycling to work.

The idea was first tried on by city woman representative Esther Passaris who cycled from her Kitisuru home to parliament on Tuesday for the afternoon sittings.

Passaris after her cycling session said she would engage potential sponsors to see that willing Nairobians are loaned or rented bikes and champion legislation that will make the roads safer for cyclists.


Will Passaris embrace cycling to parliament?

These are some of the responses we got:

Ernest Muraguri commented on Facebook, “Yes. It is even healthy for me. The only challenge would be sweat. If there were a place to freshen up before getting to my work station, that would be much better.”

Kandagor Laban added, “I do on weekends its fun… healthy to bike.”

@WachiraKinyoe on twitter replied, “Unless they make cycling ways. I would be more than happy.”

@Vanilla__c added, “The roads are too crowded.”

@ShockUpSober replied, “Starbus zitawafyeka kwa pavements.”

@Cpt_conrad wrote, “Anyday.”