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Nairobians told to expect more water rationing after failed rains

There is no respite in sight for Nairobi residents with the ongoing water rationing set to continue despite the rains.

The city’s four million residents have had to contend with water rationing since January this year following reduced short rains in December.

Though initially projected to end in April, the rains have again failed and the rationing programme is now expected to continue for four more months.

On Tuesday, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company board chairman Raphael Nzomo said the water rationing programme will continue because Ndakaini dam, which provides 85 per cent of Nairobi water, has not received sufficient water.


“The water level at Ndakaini Dam which is our main water supplier is still only at 33 per cent, but we were hoping that it could reach its previous levels. If it continues this way we will probably reach the 50 per cent mark which is only sufficient to take us through to September when we expect the next rains,” said Mr Nzomo at a media briefing.

“We had announced last month that residents would start receiving normal supply by April but this has not happened as the rains have been erratic,” he added.

Mr Nzomo said the rationing had affected every sector in the county, including even government institutions and critical social amenities like schools and hospitals.

He asked residents to make good use of the little water available.

“Our request as a water company is that people should learn to harness water because if you save water then you are able to use it until the next water is delivered to you,” Mr Nzomo said.

Last month, the national government and county government announced an ambitious project to sink 40 boreholes in the city to mitigate water shortage.