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Nairobians troll rude cashier with awful customer service

A cashier at a popular fast food outlet in the city centre has been on the receiving end of the wrath of Kenyans on social media after a disgruntled customer took her picture and exposed her awful customer service.

The cashier, identified as Florence on her name tag, works for a popular franchise that has branches dotted across the city centre. She was accused of charging customers for items they did not order, and worse still, not bothering to correct her mistakes.

According to a customer who fell victim, Florence had charged them for items they didn’t order. When they asked for an explanation,  she told them to go and look for the manager and stop disturbing her.


Florence even went ahead and used foul language on them.

The victim, one Sheila Kimani, took to Facebook to share her frustrations and to warn her friends about the pathetic customer service at the fast food joint.

“Customers come because they need service and food. NOT INSULTS… she looks at me, clicks and speaks in kikuyu “guku ti hoteli cienu cia KFC” (Translation: This is not KFC) and that’s when I took this (sic) photos. Because I had to warn my friends about her and, plus have photographic evidence,” Ms Kimani wrote.

She added on the post that an old lady, after getting bad service and being abused by wicked Florence, had walked out and even left her food.

Ms Kimani vowed never to step in any of their food franchise ever again.


Kenyans who read the post immediately went on the attack.

Habibty Sureiyah wrote; “Omg! Just look at the gesture on her mouth then at the face… instead of winning hearts of more customer she is indirectly sending them away and that is how hotels gets closed down or the people working there get sacked then they be like ooh ni juu yako nilifutwa kazi heheh.”

Susan Muinde added; “Ningesimamisha that queue till her ‘Invisible’ manager is viewed. What the hell! Pesa never grows on trees.”


Shan Sammy said; “To be honest I used to love that fast-food joint, not anymore. What chased me away is their sheer arrogance, *customer songa mbele. ..mwingine. .songa haraka customer. …very very rude. It’s been a year and half I swore never to go back there again. Never ever.”

Omutsani Solomon wrote; “So sad. But next time be your brothers keeper. Don’t place your order until the customer ahead of you has issue resolved.”

Et Al Pesh Benson said; “Thank you for airing this. I stopped going to these cz of the rudeness of these cashiers and also some waiters and waitresses They behave as if they are mad and sorry to say they are in business. If this trend continues sioni wakitoboa.”

Ruthie Ombewa commented; “Oh my goodness she will know the power of social media. She will know BB is not her employer. Pole Betty. Cheei! ”


Biki Ogolla shared his experience; ” I went there two weeks ago, a customer was putting salt then it poured on the table I told the lady cleaning to throw in the dustbin…she just looked at me returned the salt in the bottle I took it and poured it on the dustbin I lost my apettite and left.”

Yvonne Kerre said; ” Totally appalled by such service. It can spoil my mood the whole day, Kwanza if she gets me on a sane day where I can’t protest. Afadhali kulala njaa.”

Mwesh Jano Dodi added; “Thats wat happens wen yu go for cheap labor….knows nothing abt customer care or the law. sasa huyo shosh ameacha 500 tu hivo?”