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Is this Nairobi’s most honest mechanic?

Move over unscrupulous mechanics, make way for Joseph Oduor.

The 35-year-old Mr Oduor has become an internet sensation after one of his clients shared her experience with him, dubbing Oduor as the most honest mechanic in the city.

In a Facebook post, the client, Mwara Njiiri, recounted her past bad experiences with mechanics until she found Mr Oduor.

Hers is not an isolated case as after her post, dozens of other users narrated their good experiences with the Pangani based mechanic.

Mr Oduor has been in the business for 16 years after he moved to Nairobi from Nakuru having finished his primary school education.

“I had a passion for fixing things, especially electrical, and so after class eight I came to stay with my uncle in Karobangi where I was trained as a mechanic for two and a half years. I worked there for a while before I opened my own garage,” narrated Mr Oduor.


He has always believed in being honest with clients so as get more referrals and the virtue has helped him maintain clients.

“I have a client whose car I have been making since 2008 when I was in Parklands. He still comes all the way to Pangani and can trust me with his car. I can never lie to a client because I believe lies spread faster than the truth and can render me out of business in no time,” said the father of five.

Mr Oduor’s wife recently gave birth to twins bringing his children to five in number and he is their sole breadwinner from the earnings that come from his garage.

“I am the first born in a family of six and I have managed to educate all my siblings with the money I get here as well as take care of my family. They are the reason I wake up to get to work everyday because I want a brighter future for my children,” Mr Oduor told Nairobi News.

Ms Njiiri’s appreciation post on Facebook has been shared widely and during our interview, Mr Oduor’s phone rang countless times as clients who picked up his contact online made enquiries.


The client had narrated how her car broke down over the holidays and she was given different diagnosis by mechanics while on transit until she came to Oduor who discovered that only one wire needed to be connected.

Her narration included other instances where she had been told by other mechanics to buy brake pads only for Oduor to just clean them with a sandpaper at no cost.

Ms Njiiri’s post was met by compliments from motorists as others asked for Mr Oduor’s contact (0723669655) which she shared.

Another motorist visited Mr Oduor and posted her experience, “A week ago some crazy mat hit my bumper. My mech gave me a quote. I called Oduor after seeing Katy’s post. Went to his garage in Pangani. Actually he picked me from Shell. Fixed my bumper perfectly; it took slightly longer than the 2 hours promised as I waited he even bought me a soda. Best part… its cost was half of what I would have initially spent. May God bless the work of his hands. Katy thank you for sharing.”