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Nairobi’s ‘prettiest’ hawker dreams of becoming a model

A Nairobi hawker who has been the subject of admiration from Nairobi motorists says she dreams of becoming a beauty model.

Susan Muthoni, who hit the headlines a couple of weeks back after Nairobi News highlighted her story, also revealed that she makes up to Sh1,000 from hawking sweets along one of Nairobi’s busiest roads.

In a follow up interview with a local TV station, Ms Muthoni has received more praises from her colleagues, pedestrians and motorists for “introducing a new dimension to the business of hawking.”

“I settled for this job because what else could I do? If you haven’t gone to school, you cannot afford to be choosy,” the Class 8 dropout says.


“I have to be smart because this is my office and its where I get my income. There are several types of customers here. There are those who look at you and understand that you are working. Another one will think that you are here to sell yourself,” she says of her interaction with her clients.

Her beauty notwithstanding, hers is not a job without setbacks.

“The main challenge I experience here is when traffic begins to flow and a client drives off without paying up. But I dream of one day becoming a model.”