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Kenya’s eight sensational street break out stars

There’s a trend that is currently on the rise, of ordinary Kenyans whose lives changed after a photo or video of them was shared online.

The latest Kenyan is Amani the Githurai girl who has caught the attention of international artist Alicia Keys after a video of her singing her Girl on Fire hit.

Amani has received offers from top producers who want to help launch her musical career.

Here are the eight individuals who have similarly benefited from random online photos and videos:

1. Conductor and driver who helped a passenger deliver on board

George Kariuki, and his conductor, Richard Wachira warmed hearts for assisting Philomena Mbithi deliver her baby aboard their matatu along Thika Road. The two received a free holiday in Mombasa and boarded a flight for the first time.

2. The honest matatu conductor

Daniel Mwaura received sponsorship and a free delivery package for his expectant wife for his honesty. Mwaura became an online sensation after returned Sh30,000 to a passenger who accidentally dropped it inside the matatu. Mwaura kept the wallet containing the cash until the owner came for it. Mwaura would later receive more than Sh140,000 from Kenyans of goodwill plus a sponsorship to complete his college studies.

Matatu conductor Daniel Mwaura (left) of Ganaki Sacco and his wife. PHOTO | COURTESY
Matatu conductor Daniel Mwaura (left) of Ganaki Sacco and his wife. PHOTO | COURTESY

3. The street couple

A Nairobi based photographer took random photos of a street couple and shared them online, only for well-wishers to sponsor their makeover for a Valentine’s Day shoot. The street couple’s transformation was sponsored by well-wishers who offered rehabilitation sponsorship as well.

4. The Sh100 couple

Wilson Mutura and his wife Ann held a simple church wedding that cost them Sh100 for rings only. The two went on to have a fully sponsored lavish garden wedding after their simple wedding was shared online. They enjoyed free honeymoon, got a fully stocked shop as well as a plot of agri-business land and free hospital delivery package for their first child.

Ann and Wilson Mutura exchange vows during their wedding. PHOTO | COURTESY
Ann and Wilson Mutura exchange vows during their wedding. PHOTO | COURTESY

5. Githeri man

Martin Kamotho’s viral photo of him queuing to vote while holding a paper bag of githeri earned him a head of state commendation and a job. He however had to be checked into rehab after he lapsed into heavy drinking.

6. Bonoko

Street boy James Kang’ethe aka Bonoko was recorded while narrating how a robbery suspect was gunned down by police officers at Ngara area and a fake pistol “bonoko” planted at the scene. His narration was used in music and eventually he landed a job at Ghetto Radio. Today, Bonoko is not only one of of the most recognizable voices on radio, but also a celeb who rolls in top of the range fuel guzzlers.

Radio presenter James Kang'ethe aka Bonoko inside his Range Rover. PHOTO | COURTESY
Radio presenter James Kang’ethe aka Bonoko inside his Range Rover. PHOTO | COURTESY

7. Jose the ‘Witnesser’

Joseph Mburu witnessed a robbery and a video of him explaining how it all went down was shared widely for the famous quote of “I witnessed, ni kama drama ni kama video.” He went on to land huge deals including being the face of one Safaricom’s adverts alongside other street smarts.

8. Serikali saidia woman

Jane Anyango’s passionate appeal to the government during floods in his home village after River Nyando burst its banks went viral earning her a job in the National Disaster Preparedness Unit and the Safaricom advert that featured ‘Jose the Witnesser’.