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Naivas manager arrested after ‘rotting’ chicken found on sale in store

A supermarket manager has been arrested after public health officers said they found rotting chicken on sale in the retail store.

Nakuru County public health officer Samuel King’ori on Friday said he visited Naivas supermarket’s Nakuru Town branch after customers called his office to complain.

“I visited the supermarket and in the cold room, I found 27 chicken that were on display,” said the health officer.

The manager failed to produce documents showing the origin of the products or any licence for the business, according to the officer.

“Despite selling the stale chicken meat, the branch manager did not produce any permits allowing him operate the business.

“Anyone operating the kind of business is expected to have  a transport and an inspection permits.”

While he was in the supermarket, a customer arrived to return a chicken she had bought the previous day, he said.

“The customer presented receipts that were evidence that she had bought the meat from the supermarket.”

The health officer said the manager would be arraigned on Tuesday for the charges of lack of a transport licence, selling products unfit for human consumption and violating the Public Health Act.

He warned against slaughtering  chicken and other animals outside the designated areas.