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Is this Naivas’ response to competitor on ‘lazy’ Africans?

An advert bearing a Naivas Supermarket’s logo stating that the company knows that Africans are not lazy has been shared online.

The advert comes in the wake of racism allegations involving retail chain outlet Carrefour, where a white customer reportedly insulted a Kenyan customer by saying African are lazy as other staff of the retail chain watched on.

The Naivas branded advert has been widely shared by Kenyans online and although the supermarket has not shared it, it retweeted a user who tweeted it.

Some users even went on to share a juxtaposed image of the Naivas advert and the Carrefour statement in which they said they value all their customers irrespective of race.

Naivas once again retweeted a response to the juxtaposed image that was hyping them.

The retweeting of both the advert and response from users has since insinuated to the online community that Naivas endorses the message that appears to be a hit back to competition.