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Nakumatt: Here are the steps to take in case of a terror attack

Nakumatt Holdings Limited has released a set of security alert measures, including what its customers should do in case of a terrorist attack.

In a long list of do’s and don’ts, the company, which also owns about 50 supermarkets in East Africa, has urged its customers not to run away but instead “comply to the terrorists demands” when caught in this unfortunate situation.

The advisory, as seen by Nairobi News, have been pinned on the walls of all the stores of the giant chain of supermarkets.

The advisory also advises its clients on what to do or whom to contact when there is a fire outbreak.

It suggests that in case of a terrorist attack:

1. Do not resist

2. Do as per their demand

3. Do not run away when you are confronted by a terrorist. Lie die on your stomach facing the floor

4. If possible, put your phone on silent mode and call someone giving your location and say you are under attack. Do not use your phone when terrorists are around.

5. Note number of terrorists, time and dialect.

6. If you can escape or after the attack, proceed to the emergency assembly for accountability.


In September 2013, Nakumatt Supermarkets was at the center of the deadliest terror attack on Kenyan soil when gunmen stormed and laid siege that lasted several days on Westgate Mall in Nairobi which houses on of the chain supermarket’s branches.

The attack took the lives of atleast 67 people with more the 175 others injured. The mall reopened its doors to shoppers last month two years after the massacre.