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Nakumatt signs lease for new store in Eastleigh

April 15th, 2015 1 min read

Nakumatt supermarkets has signed a lease agreement with owners of Eastleigh’s upcoming ‘Comesa’ shopping mall, giving the retailer an entry in one of Nairobi’s most vibrant business hubs.

The store, which is set to open before the end of next year, will take up two floors occupying 40,000 square feet of the Sh3 billion shopping complex.

Managing director of Nakumatt Holdings Atul Shah said a presence in Eastleigh would boost the retail chain’s rate of growth.

“At our current growth pace and based on the regional market demand, we anticipate opening a minimum of 14 more branches by the end of 2016,” said Mr Shah.

Nakumatt’s current branch network stands at 52.

The number is set to increase after opening of more stores in Garden City Mall, Diamond Plaza 2, Kericho, Emali and Mombasa.

“We are looking ahead for wholesome growth and we will not be derailed by new entrants into the local market, as we are firmly focused on revolutionalising the customer experience and growing our network,” said Mr Shah.

Construction of Comesa Mall, which is located on General Waruinge Street and opposite Pumwani Hospital, began in December last year and is expected to take two years.

Darasa Investment Limited, the developers of the shopping complex, said the many traders streaming into Eastleigh from countries like Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Congo inspired the ‘Comesa’ name.