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Nakumatt warns customers of gift vouchers scam

The management of Nakumatt chain of supermarkets has distanced itself from a gift voucher promotion running on social media.

In a statement, the company warned the public to be wary of fraudsters and vowed to sue the web portal that has been running the promotion for illegally using Nakumatt’s logo.

The promotion has been running for weeks. It gives unsuspecting social media users a pop up message of “Get your free Ksh10, 000 Nakumatt gift card.”

It directed users to a web portal which would ask them to start by sharing the pop up message with the caption “Thanks Nakumatt” with many Facebook groups.

Nakumatt management urged those interested in the company’s promotions to only believe what they see on the official social media pages.

“At Nakumatt, we have made an official complaint to Facebook alerting them of the efforts by unscrupulous individuals to run a hoax customer incentive campaign, at our expense,” read a statement on the official Nakumatt Facebook page.