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Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika says no to Ruto, Raila handshake

Nakuru governor Susan Kihika has shared her concerns over the possibility of a political deal involving President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga, referred to in political circles as the handshake.

Kihika maintains that another handshake between the two leaders would translate to a mockery to the democracy of Kenyans.

She explained that an election, like the one that happened between President Ruto and Mr Odinga in August 2022, is supposed to determine the winner who occupies the State House and the loser who is supposed to wait and try his luck next time.

“What is the point of elections if every cycle the loser demands to forcefully be incorporated into government?” posed Kihika.

“Doesn’t the election determine the winner = President; the loser goes HOME and waits for the next election hoping for better luck to LEGITIMATELY turn tables & WIN, NO?” Susan Kihika said.

Kihika, a close ally of President Ruto, spoke a day after Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, told the Head of State to his face in public that he should not ‘shake Raila’s hand’.

The DP instead asked the Azimio leaders to concentrate on strengthening the opposition side in Parliament and keep the government of President William Ruto on its toes.

the DP said that the last administration of Mr Uhuru Kenyatta wasted five years after a handshake with Azimio leader Mr Raila Odinga in 2018, a move that he said the current government would not dare.

Mr Gachagua also stated that the government has no intentions of silencing the opposition. He, however, said that the opposition is welcome to engage with the government if they want to talk about development matters.

The DP has also urged the opposition MPs in the National Assembly to work closely with the government to amend the constitution so that the opposition leader’s office can be created and fully funded by the government.

According to the DP, the opposition will be able to play its oversight role effectively if the office is in place, unlike now, where the opposition leader has no office.

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