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Name change? Kilimani continues with notoriety trend

Kilimani estate, a posh residential area mostly associated with affluent members of the society, seems to continuing with its notoriety if recent events are anything to go by.

The once coveted estate has now become a haven of criminals and Nairobians have camped on social media in recent days to turn the upmarket estate into the butt of the joke.

The conversation was revived by singer Suzanna Owiyo, who lamented at how Kilimani estate had transformed from a quiet leafy suburb into a notorious place for all forms of criminal activities.

“Kilimani should be renamed. Is there anything good that can come out of Kilimani! It’s notorious for all bad dealings,” tweeted Owiyo.

On April 28, police arrested two men in Kilimani after they were found in possession of fake currency totalling Sh750 million in Kenya, US and Euro currency bills.

In this regard, and considering my other criminal acts linked to the area, Owiyo’s tweet prompted a number of reactions from netizens who appeared to agree with the sassy benga singer.

“Are you proposing ‘Kriminali’?” asked @elijah_odhiambo.

“Ni Kayole tu,” said @Kiragu_rm.

“Wewe wacha kuharibia Kayole yetu jina bwana, we are better than Kilimani,” responded @Abdikarimhusse.

“Security guys/Caretakers have a very hard time manning these apartments. Fancy coloured cars, big voices, dyed hair, bling’s, loud music, endless partying, takeaways, drugs, wash wash & desperate looking young girls in droves is the lifestyle. Once suspected they move to a new apart,” wrote @Nevergivesup3.

“kilimani does not even exist apart from the primary school and the police station…. ingine yote ni kama vihiga town in vihiga county,” said @kodemora.

“Someone is sleeping in class as far as maintaining law & order is concerned there…the police station itself is categorized as a “Celebrity meet up joint” Changing the name can’t save that place at all,” stated @Wikota7.

“The fact that Sudan’s war profiteers, Nigerian fraudsters, gold scammers all live there nothing’s going to change,” commented @9_bendiehard.

“Rename Kilimani to Kilithurai, Upper Githurai, Classy Githurai,” said @NderituKaromo.