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Nameless’ 16 year-old-daughter, Tumiso, hints at her ideal man

By Winnie Mabel October 29th, 2022 2 min read

On Saturday, October, 29, 2022, Tumiso Mathenge hopped onto Instagram and held a question-and-answer session on her Instagram stories.

She asked her 75,000 followers- mostly females- what was the most attractive thing they found about a “n*gga.”

As the answers rolled in, Tumi’s preferences for her ideal man could be seen in the commentaries she made on the answers she chose to post.

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Tumiso the 1st 💚💚💚 @Tumi Nyakwea @Wahu Kagwi

♬ Unstoppable – Sia

Below are some of the male characteristics she revealed:

One follower commented that they were attracted to a guy’s brains, and Tumi went on to post a crying emoji and commented, “Fr (for real)”.

In terms of physical appearance, Tumi hinted that she loved guys with height and a good mindset which she said was a major win. Tumiso, a model, currently stands at about 5’10”.

Another of her followers commented that she was attracted to a man with visible hand veins to which Tumiso laughed and said she too was attracted to them because, “I’m a mosquito fr.”

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Celebrity teen Tumiso
Celebrity teen Tumiso

She also energetically agreed with a follower who said she was attracted to men with a good height and voice because looking up to a guy as he spoke was unexplainably attractive.

In addition, Tumiso and another follower agreed that a man with masculine hands was attractive; and agreed with another follower that hygiene in a guy was top.

“Walai bro, you can be peng but if you have bad hygiene-“Tumiso commented on the answer.

Tumiso and another follower also agreed that they found a guy attractive just by looking at their eyes. She also hinted that an eloquent guy with ‘big’ English was her type of man.

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Celebrity teen Tumiso
Celebrity teen Tumiso

In the last hint, a follower answered that what they found attractive in guys was the lips.

“Lips for me, smile. Have you seen Asap Rocky? Jeez, his smile definitely caught Rihanna’s attention,” answered a follower, to which Tumiso commented by saying, “Kwanza when they have clean teeth and dimplessssss.”

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Tumiso is the first-born daughter of legendary Kenyan singers Nameless and Wahu Kagwi. She is the eldest of three daughters- her last-born sister is currently days old.

However, the one thing Tumiso found unattractive was a man who wore distressed jeans with several pattern designs on them, telling her followers to run whenever they saw a guy dressed in one approaching them.

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