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Nameless attacks Octopizzo over Wahu jibe

Kenyan entertainer Nameless has come to the defence of his wife after rapper Octopizzo rejected an award and suggested that it should instead be given to Wahu.

A seething Nameless called out Octopizzo in a post on his Instagram for belittling the Bingwa comeback award and then suggesting it should be given to his wife.

“Haiya…@wahukagwi ebu check this guy out. He says he is too big to receive this award! He even recommended that it be given to you,” wrote Nameless on Monday morning, attaching a screenshot of Octopizzo’s message.


Nameless then had a word of advice for Octo: “Bro, let me give you advice….Appreciate and receive these awards that you win now, because there can come a time in your career that you dont even get noticed or nominated. But I am sure you too big to receive advice , ama (sic)?”

He went on: “Lakini seriously, you belittle the award then you recommend it to be given to Wahu?? Tuheshimiane… humble yourself before life humbles you.”

For starters, Octopizzo, on Friday, refused to accept the comeback award saying he had not left the music scene.


“Thanks for #BingwaAwards for the Award last Night, unfortunately I won’t take the award of ‘Come Back Artist of the Year’ I never went anywhere, I’ve been here since my 1st hit single On Top. I’d rather you acknowledge & respect my work than award me & nominating me for a ‘comeback’ award which was such a joke, so if you don’t mind plizz give my award to Wahu who was in the same category (sic),” he wrote.

“All in all I wish you the best and congrats to the “Winners” last night, and we still have a long way to go as far as awards are concerned.”

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