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Nameless goes public about marital woes that almost ended his marriage

Kenyan artiste Nameless, has opened up about marital challenges between him and his wife Wahu that almost led to their separation.

In an intriguing interview on ‘The Failure Effect’ YouTube channel, Nameless delved into the inner workings of his marriage and shared how unconventional approaches helped them navigate through the turbulence in their marriage.

“The first year of marriage I was like Kwani I made a mistake,” Nameless said.

The couple’s struggles weren’t unique, and they decided to seek professional help. During their second year of marriage, Nameless and Wahu opted for counseling, a step that proved pivotal in their relationship.

The counseling sessions revealed that the issues they were grappling with were, in fact, quite common. This revelation offered them a fresh perspective, allowing them to view their challenges as opportunities for growth rather than signs of imminent failure.

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At a certain point, they took an unconventional step that raised eyebrows – they decided to take a temporary separation.

“There was a time I moved out at some point, it wasn’t as dramatic but it came at a time we could focus on things,” Nameless said.

Contrary to traditional views of separation, theirs was a mutual decision aimed at introspection. This “time-out” enabled them to concentrate on their individual growth and address personal issues that might have been affecting their relationship.

Nameless acknowledged that their journey through their 30s was fraught with challenges, leading them to seek support from a diverse network of individuals, including a psychologist, a life coach, and family members. 

One of the key takeaways from Nameless’s revelations is the concept of self-care, which he vehemently emphasizes as crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship.

Nameless argues that self-care isn’t selfish; instead, it’s a prerequisite for being able to contribute positively to a partnership. In essence, understanding oneself facilitates the ability to be a better partner and friend.

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The couple’s relationship philosophy underscores the significance of continual personal growth.

“You have to reinvent yourself, you can’t be the same utabore mtu,” Nameless said.

This perspective challenges the notion of complacency in relationships and encourages couples to evolve alongside each other.

The concept of taking a “time-out” from a relationship is unconventional, but it appears to have worked wonders for Nameless and Wahu. Their journey highlights the importance of open communication, seeking professional help, and embracing change as catalysts for a strong and enduring bond.

Nameless and Wahu’s relationship journey reminds us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to love and partnership. Their willingness to share their struggles and triumphs challenges societal norms and offers an alternative perspective on nurturing a lasting connection.

Whether you agree with their methods or not, their story encourages us all to think outside the box when it comes to matters of the heart.

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