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Nameless: Naming road after E-Sir will be a milestone in Kenyan music industry

By Kevin Cheruiyot September 20th, 2022 2 min read

Singer Nameless has intensified his petition to have a road in Nairobi named after the legendary rapper E-Sir,  saying it should be done as a way of showing respect to Kenyan artistes.

Nameless – real name David Mathenge – has said that the late artiste left an indelible mark in the Kenyan music industry and there is a need to have his name in one of the roads in the South C area, where he lived.

In his interview with Nairobi News on Tuesday, Nameless said that if the petition sails through, it would be a major milestone to Kenyan artistes.

Nameless, who was close a friend of E-Sir, said the rapper died at his prime and he was a promising figure in the Kenyan industry.

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“I wanted us to have the new generation know about our heroes, and push values that we want them to adopt. E-Sir was very passionate about his work. He was very hardworking, talented and extremely humble. This will be one way of celebrating those values and also celebrating the importance of art and creative industry to the society and to our culture,” Nameless said.

“To have a road named after E-Sir will make people begin to know more about creatives and our culture. Now it’s (name of roads) just about politicians who we don’t even know from the colonial days. We need to start with the people who we can relate with. That will inspire the art, it will be starting to celebrate different aspects of our arts,” he continued.

The petition has already attracted the attention of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja who assured Kenyan artistes that he will do the right thing as a way to remember E-Sir who died in a road accident 19 years ago.

Nameless also called on Kenyan leaders to do more in terms of raising the level of the music industry by coming up with the policies that will motivate artistes.

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“Some policies are not being effected properly. Some things like royalty collection, we are still far from it, and we have not reached where we are supposed to be. The leadership, how people are selected, and strategy, it’s not there yet. The wisdom required is very high,” he said.

He also said that the late E-Sir was a great inspiration to him. He spoke passionately about Bumba Train, the collabo he did with the late rapper.

with him enabled him to stay in the music industry thus far.

“Whenever I perform Bumba, I always feel like he is talking to me. If you listen to the song ‘Nameless, uko freshi lakini’ it is almost like that conversation is still going on, him telling me to continue to be strong… I keep making his name a life because I know that he would have done the same for me.”

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