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Nameless: This is what you must know about the late legendary rapper, E-Sir

By Winnie Mabel September 30th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan singer David Mathenge, better known as Nameless, has revealed more details about his special relationship with the late rapper E-Sir.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, spoke about what was so compelling about E-Sir that he ended up being considered a legend in the music and cultural industry.

Nameless made these revelations when he sought to understand what is driving him in working to get a road or street named after the late E-Sir, born Issah Mmari.

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“Ours was a rare friendship. We had a nice, energetic friendship where we built up and learnt from each other. There are things that I feel people need to know that used to make him stand out. That is what made me connect with him- his passion, his strides in the industry, his hard work, his humility that keeps inspiring me to date… if you get grace from God, you have to take responsibility to inspire others, Nameless said.

“This is what he did for me especially when we did the Boomba song. I didn’t know Boomba would mean a different thing to me now and when I perform it today, I feel like he’s talking to me and it’s like we were having a conversation,” he explained.

He further revealed that posthumously, E-Sir still keeps him going strong because he made such an impact in such a short time; and he was someone generations that come should get to know and consider a hero. According to Nameless, E-Sir had values that people should want to adopt and that made him a good candidate for a culture icon.

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“He was passionate in his work, talented and humble- he took fame in stride and everyone who knew him feel he was taken away from us too young. He was a fast learner. It was a rare friendship, mutual respect- I always look for such characteristics in people now. I was fortunate to have met him,” Nameless said.

In honuor of that friendship, Nameless has embarked on a journey to keep E-Sir’s name and legacy alive by petitioning for a road in South C to be named after him.

“I try to keep his name alive because I know he would have done the same for me. He really sold South C – South C’s finest – but we have roads named after politicians we don’t know and some from those colonial days. We need to start seeing names of people we can relate to now. In celebrating our artistes, leadership and culture change and inspiring the youth, E-Sir is a good candidate,” he added.

Nameless revealed that E-Sir’s petition was just the beginning of celebrating arts and culture in Kenya.

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