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Nameless, Wahu discuss marital challenges

Singer Nameless has opened up about the challenges he’s faced in marriage, even revealing he once moved out of his matrimonial home out to catch a ‘break’.

Nameless who is married to fellow artist Wahu spoke to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japani.

During the show, the couple discussed if married people fall out of love at some point in their marriage.

“We don’t call it separation, but I have moved out for a short just to have a break. We were fighting a lot and had a lot of issues, and you don’t know how to deal with that, so you just take a break. But it’s short then after sometimes, two, three days you are back in,” Nameless said.

As a couple, Nameless said they struggled to understand what was happening to them but later on they understood whatever was going on was just changes.

“The love changes and people think when it changes there is something wrong, It’s not possible to have that intense love all through,” he added.

According to Wahu, things change in relationships when you realize you have to be in charge of own happiness.

“I can’t be the one responsible for your happiness because we are all human, we will let each other down even if we are friends because we are human,” Wahu said.

According to the couple, the other important thing they did to save their marriage is seeing a counselor early in their marriage.

“That was because we were not understating why there was so much conflict between us, we know we love each other, did down we know this person is not a bad human being. There is that person you know is bad and even your counsellor will tell you. But there is this you know that is not a bad person, but you are conflicting and that is where the counsellor will help you find the root cause of your issues,” he added.