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Nameless, Wahu opens up on miscarriages, pregnancy journey

Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu recently shared some sad news with their fans.

During a recent interview on NTV, the celebrity couple reacted to the news of expecting their third child, Shiro.

Wahu expressed her happiness about the pregnancy but also admitted to feeling nervous.

“We had initially thought that we were done with this chapter and then this beautiful news happened which I was happy about and nervous at the same time,” Wahu said.

She explained her nervousness because she had had miscarriages before.

“Nameless was anxious about other things but I was nervous about that period of carrying a pregnancy to term,” she said.

Nameless revealed he felt pressure about the news and struggled to deal with it.

He emphasized the importance of seeking support from a therapist or counselor to manage any difficult emotions.

“When Wahu told me the news of being pregnant, it was something that I struggled to deal with at that time. I had to navigate through it by talking to a lot of people,” he said.

He encouraged people to find someone to talk to instead of letting it “mess you up.”

“I am encouraging people to find guys they can talk to in case there is something to deal with.”

Wahu also talked about the importance of seeking counseling to help manage their emotions and align their feelings about the pregnancy.

The couple revealed it hasn’t been easy for them, but they normalize going for counseling to help them navigate through their emotions.

They praised their counselor for creating a safe space for them to open up and talk about their feelings.

“We went for counseling a little bit about the pregnancy so that we could talk and see how we align and manage how Nameless was feeling and how I am feeling. And the best way to move forward together as one.”

The couple is promoting season 2 of their documentary ‘This Love’ that is currently airing on NTV.

Nameless said this season, they will be reflecting and questioning a lot of their past life.

“Since we are in our 40s there are so many things we feel like we need to redefine about our lives and with a bit more depth,” he said.

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