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Nameless: We fight with Wahu, ours is not a perfect marriage

Veteran singer Nameless has revealed the true nature of his marriage to songbird Wahu. Nameless and Wahu are among the few celebrity couples in Kenya whose marriage has stood the test of time and shown their fans that marriage in the limelight can work.

The pair is praised for making their marriage look perfect, which according to Nameless is far from the truth.

In a recent post, while responding to a fan, Nameless revealed that they fight like any other married couple, however, they always find amicable ways of solving their disputes, as happiness is their goal.

Nameless made the revelation after a curious fan asked: “Mko sawa, do you guys fight, juu mapenzi yenu ni moto kila siku?”

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To this Nameless responded: “We fight for sure. But we do it respectfully I guess… and try to resolve it quickly. We don’t agree on everything. We are learning everyday to live better with each other. Cause we both want happiness and peace of mind.”

Nameless recently called out a fan who said he cannot survive without Wahu.

“Imagine no man can leave a woman if he knows she can do better without them. It all starts with us not setting boundaries and worshiping them. Mathenge knows without Wahu, he is finished and she will do just fine without him,” the fan wrote.

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But Nameless took the occasion to school the fan on how he and Wahu chose to live their married life. Nameless said together or apart the two would still be fine.

“I choose to reply to you because I feel it is very unhealthy to promote such thoughts that people can be nothing without each other,” he wrote.

“That is something we decided early in our marriage. We decided that we have a choice and together or apart we would be fine. Nobody will die. But we choose to be together because we have identified the value of our partnership in our journey,” he said. 

Nameless and Wahu have three daughters having been blessed with their third just a month ago. 

However, according to the Sweet Love hitmaker, the journey to getting baby number three was not as rosy as most people think, as she had waited six years before conceiving. 

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