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Namficha kama bangi – Betty Kyallo on her new man

Media personality Betty Kyallo has in a recent interview hinted at seeing someone, details to which she chose to stay mum about.

While speaking to Ankali Ray, the TV host could be heard laughing off the questions that were being thrown at her by the radio presenter about having a new man in her life. 

“Wacha nikate simu kabla niwachwe. This time namficha kama bangi. Ni 2023. Maybe ata ni bodyguard wangu na hamjui,” said Kyallo.

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The TV personality added that she is not willing to share any information about the man she is dating as she chooses to keep that part of her life private. 

This comes around the same time she is trending on social media following hype on her alleged leaked intimate video. The media personality has had a rough couple of days after getting caught up in unsolicited social media attention. 

The mother of one has been roasted nastily by Kenyans on Twitter after a clip of her kissing a man went viral. In the video, Betty appears intoxicated as she kisses the unidentified man passionately.

The media personality has, however, stayed aloof from the online drama and has shown her 3.1 million Instagram followers that nothing can bring her down.

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For a while now, Betty has been denigrated for not being able to cosset her relationships with men. 

Kyallo’s last public relationship was with Nairobi City lawyer, Nick Ndeda.

Last year, the bearded hunk shared with Nairobi News why his romantic affair with the TV girl did not stand the test of time.

The city lawyer claimed that as much as the publicity surrounding the affair did not entirely contribute to its downfall, it did not help make it any easier to deal with the turmoil they later experienced.

“I don’t think publicity had much to do with it, but it certainly didn’t help. I think when relationships are in a premature stage you need a lot of privacy just to figure each other out, but when you’re pushed into the limelight at such an early stage then it becomes almost obligatory to become someone, to look someway,” said Ndeda.

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