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Here’s Namwamba’s message to Uhuru that has angered KOT

Former Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba is facing criticism from Kenyans on Twitter, for wishing President Uhuru Kenyatta “the best of luck” in the ongoing Presidential election petition.

Once a fierce critic of the Jubilee administration, Namwamba has since made a complete about turn and warmed up to the government.

His fallout with his former party boss Raila Odinga is what, according to political analysts, cost him his parliamentary seat in the August 8 general elections.

However, the former MP is still determined to prove his allegiance to the government amid talks that he is angling for a government appointment.

Namwamba is certainly going to be one of the interested spectators come Friday when the Supreme Court rules on Mr Odinga’s petition challenging President Kenyatta’s victory.

That is what perhaps informed his decision to wish President Kenyatta victory in the case.

His best wishes message to the president, however, didn’t go down well with some Kenyans on Twitter.