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Nana Gecaga: My success is not because I’m Uhuru’s niece

From living life on the first lane and overcoming alcoholism the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), CEO Nana Gecaga paints a picture of a person who might have been handed life on a silver platter.

But that was not the case, at least according to her.

During a one on one interview with KTN reporter Brenda Kerubo, the mother of three explained that although she is related to President Uhuru Kenyatta, she did not receive any favours to help advance her career.

Ms Gecaga said she had to work hard so as she could climb up the corporate ladder.

“If the case would be that I am the Presidents niece and I had it easier, then we (the KICC) would be dormant. The president does not come sit here and give me ideas; he does not come and make sure that everything is working fine. So, that is a perception, and it is about breaking that perception,” said Ms Gecaga.


She added: “We may come from a specific family but you may also have people coming from fantastic families and do nothing with their lives. We have people who come from families that are may be less known and have become leaders and visionaries in their own right. So I think we need to stop labelling people.”

She also revealed that she was already an alcoholic at the age of 18 years, however,she is glad she was able to get over it and learns from the experience.