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Nana: I dumped King Kaka after he cheated on me with Sage

Nana Owiti, wife to King Kaka, has disclosed that she once dumped the rapper after he cheated on her with vocalist Sage Chemtai that ended up with them having a daughter.

In an interview with Massawe Jappani on radio Jambo, Nana revealed that she was so heartbroken when she learnt of his then boyfriend’s cheating ways.

She had been dating Kaka for a long time but back then she was not in the limelight as Sage and her husband were.

Nana, whose real name is Nini Owiti, told Jappani that she learnt that Sage was expectant with King Kaka’s baby at a time when she was also pregnant with their first child.

“It was painful to learn of the news, of course. It was almost like an ultimate betrayal. We actually broke up for seven months before getting back together,” she said.

Nana Owiti, now a presenter on Switch TV, said she decided to give their relationship a second chance after the rapper apologised.

“The only reason I stayed (in the relationship) after what he did, is because of what transpired after. He said sorry. We are all at fault. We all have baggage which vary from one person to another, his mistake was cheating on me.  I had my faults too. I came to him carrying my baggage as well,” Nana added.

The two, however, were able to work out on their relationship issues and have been serving relationship goals in the celebrity world for some years now.

Nana said she met Kaka during his early days while trying to break into the music industry, then he was going by the name Rabbit, and had a merchandise store at Imenti House.

She said she made the first move while the rapper did the ‘chasing’ and the rapper later changed her name Nini to Nana.