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Nana Owiti: King Kaka’s illness was the worst moment of my life

Rapper King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti, has recounted the difficult moment she went through when her husband suffered a long illness between late 2021 and early 2022.

Nana lamented how King Kaka would wear a hat to avoid people asking him questions about his health. Her husband, she says, was unable to sit for more than three minutes as his bones were feeble.

She posted a picture on Instagram of her her hubby taken at a time when she says the rapper had just gotten out of hospital.

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“On my phone memories, this pic just made an appearance and my God! Let’s just say, I shed a tear. Why am I lying? I cried and ‘crode’. Forgive my massacre to the Queen’s language. Gai! Look at that bucket hat and how big it was (he would wear those mostly to mask his predicament. To avoid questions and try to look normal,” Nana captured the picture.

“We had just left the hospital here so as you can imagine, the days and nights prior to this were longer… @thekingkaka could barely sit on this chair for 3 minutes. His bones were feeble. Man! I don’t know about you but I know God exists because we experienced His love, He touched our hands and we saw His face all in His own timing. Anyway, please hang in there if you are going through a tough time. It shall pass. As I always say, stop trying to calm the storm its impossible, Calm yourself and the storm will pass. I love you guys,” she said.

In January 2022, King Kaka revealed via social media that he had been given 30 days to live after being hospitalized for more than four months.

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“Xray showing niko na cavity kwa my 2 lungs bado walinipa 30 days niishi (X-rays showed I have cavities in my lungs and they gave me 30 days to live), that was 4 months ago,” King Kaka wrote on Instagram.

He also said that within three months, he lost 33kg after being misdiagnosed severally for an illness he is yet to disclose.

“Now I was being trained on how to eat; imagine it was that bad. I would take a spoon full of food and chew it for close to 30 minutes because I feel like puking, and I was learning how to eat,” he added.

The rapper eventually went on to get the correct diagnosis and recovered fully.

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