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Nana Owiti narrates her ‘tuma fare’ experiences with nannies

By Freya Wanjiku October 19th, 2022 2 min read

Media personality Nana Owiti has gushed over her nanny, saying she concurs with the saying that family goes beyond one’s household.

Recounting how she desperately needed a nanny back in the day and had been conned countless times by the house managers after sending them bus fare and failing to show up.

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King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti and their son, Iroma. PHOTO | COURTESY
King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti and their son, Iroma. PHOTO | COURTESY

Ms. Owiti shared, “Meet Mama Royal, aka TinTin, aka Tish, aka LuQmaster aka Tina, but she loves it when the kids call her mommy.

They say most times, family is outside your household, and I swear I can’t concur with that more. She came to our home in 2014. I was living at my mom’s then with just my sister and my tenants – by the way, mimi ni kaLandLord.”

Adding that in the same 2014, when she was a designer for a local fundi and her firstborn child was an infant, she had a domestic manager who was also her tenant, a day bug.

“I noticed when I would get late kidogo to get home, and she would have an attitude.

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King Kakla and his wife Nana Owiti. PHOTO | COURTESY

So I started a DM search. Sema kukuliwa fare? Wueh!! So one day, as I was chilling with my fundi a lady walked in, waiting for fundi to finish her school uniforms. She mentioned she had a young baby, and so we bonded about that.

I said my daughter was five months and I wanted a stay-in nanny. She promised to ask her very good DM if she had any leads.”

That same evening the fundi called and said her domestic manager had a friend, but she was in the village.

Ms. Owiti thought this was another nanny who would lie to her, eat the bus fare and not show up.

“She sent her number. I called her. On the other end of the line, I could tell she was super young, and her voice sounded shaky and super naive. I went ahead with the questioning.

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I asked if she had any experience with kids, and she answered that she had raised a seven-month-old. Asked her kama ako na ID and she said ako na waiting card.”

Tish would then tell Ms. Owiti that she was okay coming whenever she told her to.

“Then I asked the tough one. ‘Uko na fare?’ Wueh! She dropped the bombshell. ‘Sina aki’. I asked her again..’Huwezi kopa nitume ukifika?’ She added she didn’t have anyone she could borrow.

I just took my chances and sent her, and true to her word, she came. Long story short. She’s raised our kids with the touch of a mother. Eight years plus, and she’s still here. The kids (apart from G) call her ‘Mo.”

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