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Nandi County Senator Cherargei caught lying about President Ruto’s property

Did Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei lie about President William Ruto’s cow giving birth to triplets or was his tweet a coded message to suggest that the Head of State will consider changing the constitution to vie for a third term?

Mr Cheragei was on April 11, 2023, caught in a lie when he posted social media updates regarding the vast properties owned by President William Samoei Ruto.

The vocal, and often times controversial, politician claimed that one of President Ruto’s livestock had miraculously given birth to triplets and used them as a symbol for the President’s leadership.

“H.E Ruto cow gives birth to triplets of his symbolic leadership. 5 years of backfilling the debt hole created by Uhuru + Raila into economic transformation. 5 yrs for economic stability. 5yrs of Kenya prosperity of milk + honey 15 yrs of uninterrupted economic transformation,” said Senator Cherargei.

President Ruto is a prolific dairy and chicken farmer in addition to growing cereals.

However, Senator Cheragei was called out for lying and misleading the public while castigating the former regime (in which President Ruto was a part of) using the cow and its miraculous triplets- all owned by Caucasian foreigners in Germany.

In the original post concerning the cow and its triplets, young brothers Jason and Jonas were congratulated by the CRV Deutschland GmbH, a German company that provides cattle reproduction services, for taking care of the cows and its triplets, nursing them into the best health.

“Brothers Jason and Jonas were not badly surprised when their favorite cow Elisa gave birth to not one, but directly three calves of the bull freestyle without any problems. Since then, the three calves Emma, Ella and Emil have enjoyed best health and abundant cuddles and are diligently fed by the two proud brothers from Lichtenau every day. Jason and Jonas’ family run a dairy farm with 80 dairy cows. We would like to thank the Agethen family for the great pictures and wish the triplets a lot of joy!” said CRV Deutschland GmbH.

Senator Cherargei updated the fictitious post at 12:45pm and by late in the evening at 5pm, the post was still up on his social media pages. This was despite him being called out in the comments section for stealing a foreign family’s photos and attributing the livestock to President Ruto’s farming portfolio.

“You should add these photos of RUTO’s children playing with the “blessings”. You can’t run a government on lies and propaganda Bwana Senator. You may imagine that Kenyans are stupid and gullible… but…. “Watu si Wajinga Bwana! (people are not stupid)” said The Black Pen.

“Stop lying,” added Gideon Kitheka.

Many other critics called on Senator Cherargei and the Kenya Kwanza team to reduce the amount of lies they published and said to prop up the government of the day in the face of harsh criticism regarding their policies and style of leadership.

However, the 15 years message accompanying the tweet has been interpreted to mean that the Senator could be suggesting the President could rule beyond the 10-year term guaranteed in the constitution.

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