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Nandi school partners with bodaboda operators on students discipline

A school in Nandi county has partnered with bodaboda operators to maintain vigilance over students who sneak from school.

The management of Meteitei secondary school located along the Timboroa highway has asked the bodaboda operators to report any case of its students loitering.

Barnabas Too, the school’s senior Principal stressed that the action is meant to end the increasing cases of students sneaking from school.

“Because of frequent unrest and disciplinary issues among learners, the board has resolved to engage key players in the local transport sector to monitor our students,” said Mr Too.

Likewise, the bodaboda attendants will also monitor the movements of the students and report any suspicious behavior.

“We have decided to collaborate with bodaboda operators to control cases of children running away from school and getting involved in inappropriate activities,” added Mr Too.

He also noted that bodaboda is the main means of transport in the region and partnering with the operators will help end cases of students engaging in activities that are not right.

“Bodaboda is the main means of transport in the region owing to the rough terrain of Tinderet Constituency. We want our children to be more disciplined and improve in their studies,” noted Mr Too.

The Extra County School has 1,564 students. The school was founded 42 years ago by the late Joseph Letting, the head of Civil Service during President Daniel Moi’s regime.