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Nandy: I can’t stand hubby’s close friends

Pregnancy has never been a walk in the park. Any mother can attest to this. From erratic mood swings – thanks to hormones on rampage – to weird cravings, mostly at ungodly hours. These are some of the things expectant women have to live with before welcoming their bundles of joy.

Tanzanian songstress Faustina Charles Mfinanga popularly known as Nandy knows this all too well as she is currently expecting her first child with her husband and fellow celebrated artiste, rapper Bill Nass.

In an interview on Friday, the sultry singer, who wedded her long time fiancé in a magnificent wedding last month, revealed their troubles as a young couple.

The Yuda hitmaker has revealed just how she suddenly cannot stand her husband’s close allies.

“Sipendi marafiki wa mume wangu. Jamani wanajua wananiambiaga mimba yako haitupendi. Akipiga simu naweza nikaipokea mimi… imetokea tu kutoelewana na marafiki wa mume wangu. Anaweza akanambia niko na mtu fulani (rafiki yake) naweza nikaingia nikamwambia ‘naomba asichelewe akichelewa ni wewe! Nakuwa nazingua kabisa. Sometimes nakaa najiuliza sasa yananihusu nini, huyu ni mwanamme anatakiwa afanye vitu vyake,” she said.

I don’t like my hubby’s friends. They even know it and they usually tell me your pregnancy doesn’t like us. If they call I can pick up…It has just happened that I don’t get along with my husband’s friends. He can tell me I’m with so and so (his friend) If I have the person’s number I will text them, ‘let him not be late, if he comes late it will be upon you!’ Sometimes I just sit back and question myself, what does it concern me and this is a man who has his own things to do.

The award-winning musician also disclosed how at initial stages of her pregnancy she would just cry for no good reason much to the chagrin of her crooner husband who was equally clueless on her biological changes.

She says it took the intervention of their well-informed relatives and friends to guide and smoothen things between them.