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Nandy speaks about joys and challenges of motherhood

Tanzanian songstress Nandy has candidly spoken about the joys and challenges of motherhood.

The talented artiste, who tied the knot with her husband Billnass and welcomed their first child last year, reflected on her experience as a mother, in a recent interview with Clouds FM.

Nandy acknowledged the range of emotions that come with it.

“In motherhood, there’s happiness, getting angry, fatigue, but above all, happiness shines the brightest,” Nandy said.

She further emphasized the indescribable feeling of looking at her child and realizing the strong bond they share.

“When you look at your child, you say, ‘You are mine,'” Nandy said.

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During her pregnancy, Nandy continued working until her doctors advised her to take some time to relax.

She revealed that her pregnancy became a period of financial prosperity, with numerous opportunities and lucrative deals coming her way.

However, after giving birth, the influx of money and business ventures doubled. Although she chose not to disclose the exact amount she earned, Nandy expressed her gratitude to God for the blessings she received.

Earlier this year, the singer shared a photo of her daughter, but some fans raised questions about the child’s resemblance to her parents due to differences in skin tone.

“The child is ours. We are enjoying our child,” she said.

While they have not disclosed their daughter’s name, the celebrity couple has been relishing the joys of parenthood, expressing their deep love and happiness.

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“I want to thank God for His mightiness. A Kichaga girl has been born,” Nandy when she announced her daughter’s birth.

She further expressed her profound appreciation for her own mother, stating that she now fully understands the true meaning of being called a mother.

Nandy also shared her experience of her initial engagement proposal to rapper Bilnass, revealing that it was met with rejection from their parents.

According to Nandy, their parents expressed disapproval, stating that the couple had not adhered to their respective traditions during the proposal.

“We were seated down by our parents, who informed us that we needed to conduct a proper engagement ceremony,” Nandy revealed.

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