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Nandy’s boyfriend rubbishes claims he is too broke to finance their grand wedding

Tanzanian rapper William Lyimo aka Bilnass has dispelled rumours that he is too ‘broke’ to pull a grand wedding to his engaged chanteuse fiancée Nandy.

The rapper went down on one knee to propose to Nandy during his birthday party on April 12th, this year.

It’s been two months now as their legion of excited fans continue to wait for the much anticipated grand wedding.

But as the days pass by, with the wait getting ‘longer’ than expected, several entertainment blogs in Tanzania, have claimed that Bilnass has been sweating on how and where to get cash to host a wedding of its kind that would benefit Nandy’s stature.

Many have claimed Billnass had bitten more than he could chew by proposing to Nandy.

However, unperturbed Bilnass maintains that everything is under control and the delay has nothing to do with his finances.

Tanzanian rapper William Lyimo aka Bilnass and his girlfriend Nandy. PHOTO | COURTESY
Tanzanian rapper William Lyimo aka Bilnass and his girlfriend Nandy. PHOTO | COURTESY


“Mimi nikizungumzia suala la bajeti mzee kwa harusi kama ya kwangu mimi, unapanga kutokana na kile ulichonacho. Mimi kama nikitaka kuoa, nitaoa kwa kiasi nilichonacho. Kwa hiyo, suala la bajeti haliwezi kukwamisha harusi sababu siku hizi unaweza ukaoa, ukafanya sherehe ya ndoa baadaye. Mimi nina fursa nyingi. Kwa hiyo, hiyo sio sababu,” he explained.

Bilnass also said he is yet to wed Nandy because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the fact that he is still working on his guest list.

Bilnass and Nandy started dating before they both became famous. The couple, whose sex tape was leaked in 2018, met at a music talent hub THT (Tanzania House of Talent).

THT was owned by the late Ruge Mutahaba a media mogul who died two months shy of his wedding to Nandy in February last year.

Mutahaba and Nandy had been in relationship after she split with Bilnass. However, following the death of Mutahaba at the age of 50, Bilnass and Nandy rekindled their romance.