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Narcos style: Mwalimu Dida claims Kenyan government is one big cartel

By Winnie Mabel November 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Based on a true story, Narcos is a film that tells the story of Colombia’s powerful and violent drug lord, Pablo Escobar. According to American and Colombian records, movies and music, Escobar was the wealthiest drug kingpin in the world before his death in December 1993. He had been responsible for about 80 per cent of the cocaine illegally shipped into the United States of America.

Escobar was the son of a farmer and teacher and began his life in crime during his teenage years. So established was he that he rose up the ranks and helped found the Medellín cartel that made $240 million a week during its peak and Escobar at its helm. Escobar led a lavish lifestyle, influenced politicians and was also a philanthropist on the side by building hospitals, houses and stadiums for the poor- all in efforts to endear himself to Colombians.

During his lifetime, it is reported that he killed about 4,000 people including police officers and government officials. He died a day after celebrating his 44th birthday following a joint operation between Colombian and American law enforcement agencies.

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Now, 2013 presidential candidate Mwalimu Abduba Dida has said the government of Kenya is being run in a style similar to how Escobar’s life was portrayed in the Netflix biography series, Narcos.

“The truth is, the topmost leadership of the government is not interested in promoting sugar and maize industries. They earn billions weekly importing cheap maize and sugar. These guys are here for business, Narcos style. You will one day understand,” Mwalimu Dida said on Tuesday.

His sentiments came in the wake of the government’s announcement of plans to import 10 million bags of genetically modified maize to stave off the biting hunger the ongoing drought is causing in arid and semi arid counties in Kenya. This decision was met by criticism in the face of GMO foods being linked to causing cancer in rats and possibly humans.

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Mwalimu Dida has also lamented how people are dying of thirst and hunger while the government has hundreds of trucks and water bowsers but resorts to boardroom meetings to come up with donation schemes such as Kenyans sending money to the Red Cross.

He also said he would not give Red Cross to buy a bag of maize at Sh 10,000 instead of the market price. He especially lamented the government’s penchant for floating tenders for goods and services which were sometimes awarded to those quoting inflated prices in dubious schemes.

Last month, Mwalimu Dida also claimed that the country was being brought down by politicians – those recycled from former positions to senior government officials. He wondered what such leaders would do differently in the new positions compared to the last ones they held.

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