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Nasa could be banned, warns Duale

By KNA October 26th, 2017 1 min read

The Nasa coalition risks being banned for transforming itself into a resistance movement, National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale has warned.

Speaking at the Garissa Library polling station where he cast his vote, Mr Duale said that Nasa leaders shot themselves in the foot the moment their candidate Raila Odinga withdrew from Thursday’s repeat presidential race.

“Having changed from a political party to a resistance movement Nasa joined the ranks of Mungiki, Al-Shabaab among others. The constitution does not recognize armed groupings and have thus no place in Kenya,” Mr Duale said.

“For one to be a president of this country, the citizens must vote for you. There is no short cut to this office,” he added.

Mr Duale, who is the Garissa Township MP, said the only way one can ascend to a political seat is through the ballot and not “some of form of resistance.”

While addressing Nasa supporters at Uhuru Park on Wednesday, Mr Odinga had said the coalition will henceforth be a resistance movement.

The majority leader said the Supreme Court ruling on September 1 gave Kenyans another chance to elect their president.

“Kenyans want to move on. We want to be through with elections today so that we can start nation building. We have been held hostage for the past two months,” he said.