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Nasa dossier on KDF fake – CS Omamo [VIDEO]

Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo says the documents circulated by the opposition claiming that the KDF would be used to rig the August 8, general election in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta are fake.

“We also aver that the ministry has carried out investigations to establish the veracity, authenticity and source of the documents recently submitted by Nasa to the press. We can state categorically that these documents are fake in all aspects,” said Ms Omamo.

The CS also lashed out at Kisumu senator for alleging that military spokesman Joseph Owuoth, who had last Friday confirmed that the documents were “authentic but quoted out of context” had gone missing.

Ms Omamo presented the Colonel to the media and told politicians not to drag the military into their affairs.


“An alarming and irresponsible statement was made by Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o to the effect that Col Joseph Owuoth had gone missing or had been possibly killed. He is not missing and is present here with us alive and well,” she said.

Ms Omamo added: “These alarmist statements not only threaten the security of the State but cause great anxiety to the officers concerned and their families and expose them to danger. We continue to urge Kenyans to remain peaceful as we approach the General Election and assure you KDF will remain apolitical and professional and will carry out their duties as required by the Constitution.”

Colonel Owouth said he was not in contact with all members of his extended family and therefore some may have panicked when they could not raise him.

“We as Africans have very large families and am not in contact with all my family,” he said.