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Natalie Tewa opens up about her preference for older men

In a candid conversation on her popular YouTube channel, content creator Natalie Tewa revealed her preference for dating older men and explained her reasons behind it.

The well-known travel vlogger said she would never consider dating a younger man or someone her age.

“For me, a 10-year age difference is nothing. I have always believed that men take a bit of time to mature. So, if we are on the same level, then who is going to take charge and lead the family properly?” Natalie shared.

While acknowledging that it is more common in her generation to date someone six or seven years older or even someone of the same age, Natalie admitted that she has struggled with dating people her age due to feeling more mature herself.

She emphasized that the choice also depends on the individual’s characteristics.

Natalie was alleged to be dating a prominent Mombasa politician a few years ago.

She recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Francis Mbugua, who is based in Amsterdam.

Mbugua proposed to Natalie on February 12, 2023 while the two had gone on a date in the company of their friends.

In the conversation, Natalie was also asked about her thoughts on fame and whether she would prefer not to be famous.

She expressed a desire for privacy and having her own personal space.

Natalie explained that sometimes she wants to keep certain aspects of her life private, without the constant pressure of living up to public expectations associated with fame.

She acknowledged that the image of always looking glamorous, which is often expected of public figures, does not align with her personal preferences.

The content creator also addressed her recent weight gain and confidently embraced her new body.

Natalie urged her followers not to criticize her weight, stating that she is ready to embrace motherhood.

She emphasized that if she were to become a mother now, she would be perfectly content.

Reflecting on her journey as a young girl, Natalie acknowledged the ups and downs she has experienced, which have taught her valuable life lessons.

Known for her shyness and discomfort in crowded places, Natalie mentioned her hesitation to participate in meet-and-greet events. However, she expressed openness to the idea, suggesting that she might organize one in the future.

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