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Natalie Tewa shows off her new man

YouTuber Natalie Tewa has paraded her new lover. In a post on her Instagram stories, the content creator showed herself with her new man but did not let her fans see his face.

She is known to keep her love life under wraps after her two public love affairs went sour.

Tewa was early this year rumoured to be dating a famous Coastal politician who ‘funded’ her lifestyle.

This was after her travel documents went viral. However, while answering her fan who had asked, “Are you funded by a politician?”

The once travel vlogger said “No and no, people huniwekelea vitu sana (people make up a lot of things about my life).”

Explaining how she made her ends meet, Tewa said that she quit her job so that she could pursue what she enjoyed doing the most, and was getting paid more than her previous 8-5.

This would later make the content creator leave social media for a while saying the trolls she had received had taken a toll on her.

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This not being the first scenario of her love gone sour, Tewa in 2019 had a nasty break up with her Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze with the latter accusing Tewa of cheating and her saying Rnaze had physically abused her.

The two love birds who had religiously kept their fans abreast of their relationship, sharing cute pictures on Tewa’s YouTube channel were thought of as the ultimate #CoupleGoals before things went south.

“I was basically physically abused yesterday (Tuesday). If anyone saw what happened please speak out. Men should not ever get that far no matter what. If you know Rnaze you know he aint shit,” she ranted.

In rebuttal, the Ugandan hunk claimed that he was in his mother country for four days only to come back and find his girlfriend in a compromising situation.

“She cheated, I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days… smh. That’s the truth,” he said.

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