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Nation.Africa subscriptions launch

I hope you have enjoyed your subscription to Nation.Africa.

On behalf of the Nation Media Group, thank you for trusting us.

Some stories just deserve to be told.

The story of how what appeared to be ‘fun’ consumer digital technology has brought such tremendous change to the media – how we publish, how you consume and how we are funded, is one of them.

But it is a good story and because of it I have some exciting news to share. We will soon — very soon — be launching paid content on Nation.Africa. It will contain in-depth investigative reporting as well as the most thoughtful opinion from the continent and beyond. Nation Audio will bring you the best in experimental and creative podcasts. Another fresh segment, Nation Puzzles, will stimulate your mind. This premium content, a small part of our offering, is what you will need to pay a small fee for. You will get five articles to enjoy and share every month absolutely free and only after exhausting five will you be requested to pay.

There are stories which deserve to be untold – corrected, contextualised, retold. The world is full of fake news, prejudice and stereotyping.

On Nation.Africa we will always tell stories in a way that does justice to the facts and to our continent.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and being part of our mission to transform society positively.

It is an honour and privilege to serve you.

Yours Sincerely,