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Nation FM presenters call out JoeBoy for snubbing interview

Nation FM presenter Anto Neosoul and Comedian Oga Obinna have put Nigerian Afro-pop artiste JoeBoy on notice after he failed to show up for an interview.

The artiste was in the country to perform at the inaugural Nairobi Festivals (Nai Fest) that happened on Saturday at the Ngong Racecourse.

Apparently he was scheduled a radio interview on Friday evening at the Nation FM, but according to the two presenters, Joeboy cancelled the appointment, saying he was tired.

“He said he cannot make it because he was tired,” Obinna said while Anto added, “Apparently guys, JoeBoy is fatigued, yaani the days we been fatigued and actually played his songs here on our Station.”

The two presenters talked of instances when they were fatigued but still managed to play the artiste songs.

“Wait until we start getting tired,” Obinna said.

“Today is the last day we are playing JoeBoy on this station,” Anto added.

They also called out singer Kagwe Mungai who also stood them up during a scheduled interview last week.

“Another person who played us this week is Kagwe Mungai, he decided, ‘Bro the interview was this week? Ati I didn’t know,” Anto said.

The duo advised artiste to inform the host on their cancellation way in advance so as not to inconvenience the listeners.

They said it was hard to support artistes if they make it hard to be supported.

“Our biggest agenda at Nation FM is to support our own but the things you guys make us go through!,” Anto lamented.