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‘Nation’ journalists attacked in Nairobi after Supreme Court ruling

Journalists and other people lost valuables ahead of the presidential petitions ruling on Monday, as sections of Nairobi stayed tense.

In Lucky Summer estate for instance, rowdy youth were in the streets as early as 10am chanting “No Raila, No peace,” slogans.

Hundreds of them managed to penetrate a police barrier that had been erected on one of the roads and marched along the road wielding pangas, robbing people along the way and chanting their slogans.

Two Nation Media Group Journalists were robbed and roughed up.

Stella Cherono and Brian Moseti were attacked moments just after they alighted from their vehicle to cover the unrest that had been reported in the area.


“The crowd came running wielding pangas. Around four men surrounded me. One was holding a panga to my neck and another slapped me even after I had given him my phone. My ear is still ringing,” said Cherono moments after the attack happened.

“I was pushed to the car as were standing next to it by three people who took my phone, one of them threatened to beat me up. At the same time Cherono was being roughed up just next to me. We were helpless as hundreds were marching,” added Moseti.

The violence witnessed in sections of Nairobi has been mounting since last Friday with a more than 10 reported dead.

Lucky Summer borders Baba Dogo area where some deaths related to political unrest occurred on Sunday Morning.