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BLOG: Natural hair – Bantu knot style

Hey there,

This week has been on super steroids, everything is happening so fast. Let’s talk about natural hair. It is amazing how women are transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair.

It’s like a movement or a revolution of some sort. Women are now more confident as they rock their natural kinky hair.

I started the natural hair journey two years ago, and I never regret transitioning. My hair is healthier, fuller and I don’t experience much breakage or shedding like I used to.


I have trimmed it several times but I have decided this year I will focus on chasing length.

Styling natural hair is not a cup of tea for everyone and some people give up.

Today I will talk about a style that is simple, sustainable, fast and can last you 1-2 weeks. It can last longer with proper care and less manipulation.

Hair Products. PHOTO | COURTESY
Hair Products. PHOTO | COURTESY

You require the following items for Bantu knots style.

A Shampoo of your choice (I use Sunsilk)

A gel of your choice (I use Eco-Styler or Pro-Ten),

A comb and a Bottle of water,

Oils of your choice (I use Coconut, Olive oil and Castor oil)

Conditioner (I use Cantu Cream Conditioner).


Bantu knots are simple knots made by parting dump\wet hair into small sections after washing and conditioning it. Apply your oil of choice to retain moisture. Thereafter apply your choice of gel or curling cream on each section consecutively.

Pick each section make knots by coiling the hair as shown on the picture above. Leave the hair to dry for one hour or until you are ready to undo the knots.

This is the result of the undone knots after fluffing with my fingers. I am sure you love it as much as I do.


I always use pins on the side to create an Afro-Hawk which is actually my favorite style.

I look forward to share more about my natural hair journey and probably inspire someone who is contemplating the transition.