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Nazizi: How I overcame the toughest moment of my life

Singer Nazizi Hirji has revealed how managed to get through some difficult moments in her life. Sharing on social media, Nazizi said that there were times she felt like giving up but her firstborn son is the one who gave her the strength to push through.

She however did not reveal exactly what she was going through.

“This boy Tafari Firoz got me through some of the hardest and toughest times. He gave me a reason to wake up every day. When I felt like I could not do it, just hearing his voice say mama was enough to get me moving,” Nazizi said.

Nazizi, a member of the group Necessary Noize, got married in Nairobi before moving to Lamu in 2011.

In 2014 she is reported to have filed for divorce saying at the time she had been separated from her husband for a year.

Nazizi welcomed her second born son Jazeel Adam in 2021. The mother of two is currently in a romantic relationship with one Boy Caro, having separated with Vini Leopold, father to her other son Tafari Firoz.

Nazizi came to fame in the early 2000s dazzling Kenyans with her rap skills in the song Let’s Get Down a collabo with fellow rapper Prezzo.

She later went ahead to form the group Necessary Noize together with singer Wyre. The group was one of the hottest reggae/raga group of the time.

They later split to pursue individual projects but have recently reunited.